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 MusicLessons.Fun is just what it says.  Learning music the fun way by quickly being able to create music, learn some history and music theory.  Try the site for 14 days FREE, then $9.99 per month.  But hurry, the Founding Member price is for a limited time only, and the price will go up.

 Below are some FAQs to help answer your questions.  If you have any questions that are not covered here, please shoot us an email at support@musiclessons.fun
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What ages do the lessons apply to?
A.  I teach kids from kindergarten through 8th grade that are using the materials on this site.  However, kinders and 1st graders will need some adult help to get them started.  Actually, I use it myself to compose really quick music and practice guitar.  Remember, you can try if FREE for 7 days to see if your kiddo likes it.  It truly is for both the youngsters and young-at-heart adults that love music or want to start learning about music.

Q.  Am I locked into a contract?
.  No, I hate contracts, so you can cancel at any time.  Please note, that there are no refunds for any monthly payments previously made. There is an unsubscribe button on your member page.

Q.  How many children does the monthly fee cover?
A.   All of the children in your family.  However,  only 1 user account is created per monthly subscription.  So, if a child wants to save their own work, or play any games or contests in their own name, they would need a separate subscription.  Discounts are available for multi-subscriptions.

Q.  Are their any assignments that the kids can work on throughout the week?
A.  We will be adding "assignments" that are grade appropriate in the next several months.  There are handouts and lessons to assist with the learning process  for many of the composition tools, and more are added every month.  

Q. What benefits do I get as a Founding Member?
A.  Your price will never increase for the membership.  Also, you will get discounts on all of the new features that will be added.

Q. Are all of the features available on mobile devices?
A. The software is currently making conversions from Flash to HTML5, so not all of the games and contests are ready for mobile devices, but this will change over time as the conversion is completed.  However, many games and assignments and lessons are available on mobile devices.

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